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Shenzhen flights encryption flights to Bangkok airport countries increased to 21 class every day

Date: 2013-07-16

The author learned from shenzhen baoan international airport, recently, shenzhen airport (000089, shares) multiple routes to get encrypted at home and abroad, including shenzhen flights to Bangkok, Thailand, from 7 to 21 class every week, shenzhen to nanchong from 7 to 11 class every week, bringing people and the vast majority of passengers traveling.

According to the relevant airlines capacity arrangement, the latest on July 15, shenzhen airlines to open two classes every day from shenzhen to Bangkok route, on the basis of the original air Asia flight every day to encrypt the route to class 3 a day, week flights of 21 classes. The new flight number and ZH9023 ZH9003/4/4, respectively, are on a Boeing 738 aircraft. Including ZH9003/4 in shenzhen is the departure time for masters, arrived in Bangkok for 2:00 (Beijing time), and return the departure time from Bangkok to 04:30, 07:10 arrived in shenzhen. ZH9023/4 flights to and from shenzhen took off, 20:00 to Bangkok; Return when off from Bangkok, 23:50 arrived in shenzhen.

In addition, July 22, China southern will be encrypted shenzhen - shenzhen branch nanchong route, on the basis of the original class every day a net gain of four classes a week, on Monday, three, five, seven, the flight number for CZ6659/60. Take-off, the flight to cheng, departing from shenzhen 17:00 arrived in nanchong, prevailed return Philistine from nanchong, timnathserah returned to shenzhen.

It is understood that after the new terminal building of shenzhen airport put into use at the end of the year, the safeguard ability will be further promoted, the airport will take this opportunity to further improve the route network layout.