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The proposed joint venture in shenzhen airport T3 terminal building advertising business

Date: 2013-07-17

Announcement of shenzhen airport, shenzhen airport for ascension advertising business operation ability, promote the shenzhen airport T3 transitions after advertising resources value of effective and sustainable ascension, firm with Shanghai jas shi d advertising co., LTD., a joint venture company in shenzhen airport T3 terminal building indoor and outdoor advertising business. At present, both sides have shenzhen airport advertising "joint venture cooperation framework agreement" and "joint venture contract", "operating agreement" the text of the terms and agreement.
Agreement, the joint venture company registered capital of 30 million yuan, including 15.3 million yuan in shenzhen airport in cash capital contribution, accounted for 51%; Shanghai jas shi d invested 14.7 million yuan, accounting for 49%, 13.8703 million yuan by cash and its holdings of jas shi in shenzhen city advertising co., LTD. 55% stake for 829700 yuan investment.
"The cooperation framework agreement" and the relevant legal documents for advertising business charge fees in accordance with the "guarantee" or "closed
Into the commission "is both high way of collecting way, and set the corresponding guaranteed and guarantee mechanism, to ensure that the company and
Airport advertising company advertising resources value effectively.
It is reported, Shanghai jas shi d advertising co., LTD., registered capital of 16.5 million yuan, is the Chinese mainland airport advertising industry one of the major professional operators, has been committed to the airport and the subway in the field of outdoor advertising business, operating the airport advertising network of resources and professional ability; Currently has 24 national airport advertising exclusivity.