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Shenzhen airport security bars 12 hours back owner pick up 1.4 million yuan

Date: 2014-10-28

Around October 27 at 00:15, shenzhen airport passenger bridge operator Wei Shuai after in the protection of the apron flight, take shuttle buses to reach mouth domestic apron, inadvertently found that arrived in front of the mouth as he got off the bus with two pieces of suspected gold metals, also showing the number and weight on the metal.
"Two pieces of metal strips, sparkling, I can feel the first reaction is gold bars, quickly called the leadership on duty."Wei Shuai told reporters.At the same time considering the was found in the in the mouth, and suspected metal bar items, the owner may claim, he has been in place waiting for, but more than half an hour passed, no owner.Then was handed over to the airport terminal area bars operation center.
Waiting for the owner to nothing, shenzhen airport terminal area operation center according to the label on the metal basic more likely to determine the metal is gold, immediately contact the airport ground service department, but there were no query that passengers lost items.Considering the item of the precious sex, shenzhen airport staff that night was lost for the seal, and sent personnel to care, and the next day will be lost to the airport police station.
27 at about 11, took to the airport police station call terminal area operation center, two pieces of metal to determine as raw material to gold, weighing 5774.63 grams, value 140 ten thousand yuan.People, by the owner to longhua new district police station, and accompanied by the police are on their way to the airport to receive the items.Finally, in all, under the witness of two pieces of gold jeweler.