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Shenzhen airport again successful introduction of international express cargo aircraft carrier

Date: 2014-12-02

On November 2 in the morning, the international Courier company DHL (DHL) a B747-400 all cargo aircraft fly to shenzhen airport, marked the first article of DHL in shenzhen all cargo routes, the official opening, also means that after FedEx, UPS, shenzhen airport again successful introduction of the international express delivery giant cargo aircraft carrier.

The opening of the shenzhen airport for the first time the reporter understands, DHL all cargo routes by its joint venture airlines - American airlines (Polar Air) is responsible for operating, weekly fresh on each flight, flight number for PO935.The first port of shenzhen airport cargo volume is 17.8 tons, 84.7 tons of cargo clearance.

The route connecting the three continents of Europe, Asia and North America five countries.The incoming flights to leipzig (GMT) - incheon (stopping) - shenzhen (00:15) the next day, departure routes for shenzhen (01:40) - Tokyo (05:25) - anchorage (then) - Cincinnati (21:55).In recent years, DHL has been to shenzhen airport as an important express the import and export express distribution portal and branch offices.Since 2001, from daily handling land transportation of import and export volume of less than 1000 votes, weighing less than 20 tons, development to the present day capacity of more than 30000 votes, the weight of more than 250 tons, business growth rate rising at an annual rate of more than 10%.Express center USES reservoir area from 200 square meters also expand to 7200 ㎡.

It is understood that in order to meet the growing between Europe and the United States and China in south China express business demand, DHL company will also be on the basis of the original deep port of transshipment, future gradually from 6 classes per week from shenzhen opened to the European and American hub of all cargo flights.

Relevant controller introduces, with the DHL transport, gradually to the shenzhen airport air cargo, especially the development of international air cargo and cargo structure perfect, play a positive role, is helpful to accelerate the implementation "the leading regional express hub" and "south China cargo gateway airport" strategic objectives.

According to introducing, DHL currently has three major hub in the whole world, is in leipzig, Germany, the United States Cincinnati and Hong Kong, China respectively.But the DHL in shenzhen airport is mainly for land transport business, join Hong Kong transit center and then shipped to all over the world.